Business process management (BPM) focuses on improving corporate performance by managing and optimizing a company's business processes to achieve business goals. BPM enables organizations to be more efficient, more effective, and more capable of customer-driven change.

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2017 Recap and Heading into 2018

2017 ended in a flurry of activity for Lab7. We started the Fall with pumpkin spice lattes and a trip to Washington, D.C. for the Next Generation Dx Summit. Whereas in the past, this conference was essentially a how-to manual on setting up a NGS diagnostics lab and navigating regulatory issues, this year’s meeting[...]

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Managing massive amounts of information in an efficient way is a common problem in life sciences, so Lab7 Systems has partnered with Intel® to utilize Intel Parallel Studio XE to optimize the BioBuilds™ tools for superior performance.

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This marks Lab7 Systems' first year as a sponsor of the 5th Plant Genomics and Gene Editing Congress: USAwhich will take place November 2-3, 2017, at the Wyndham Philadelphia Historic District. We're very much looking forward to meeting and learning from the impressive list of speakers. The rapid expansion of[...]

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There is no doubt that well-managed commercial software platforms can be costly from a licensing standpoint. Therefore, many labs elect to build their own data management and provenance systems. However, the teams tasked with developing these tools almost never include the head of the laboratory, who is the single[...]

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The democratization of data-intensive technologies such as next-generation sequencing, mass spec-driven multi-omics workflows, and high-resolution imaging systems is making bioinformatic analysis a required function. In the vast majority of labs, a dedicated staff of highly trained computer scientists handles[...]

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After reading our previous posts on inefficiency, you might be thinking, “I have a LIMS that takes care of transitioning from the wet lab to analysis for me.” While it is true that you have a LIMS in place, can you think of any LIMS that manages data through bioinformatics and reporting, while maintaining[...]

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A major agricultural genomics company in Malaysia was facing a significant maintenance burden from on-premises data centers, prompting it to explore cloud-based solutions in late 2016. The company needed to reduce its turnaround time and its computational, storage, and data transfer resources for performing genomic[...]

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As mentioned in our previous blog post, Stop Managing Your Instruments and Software Platforms Independently, scientific labs are resorting to using a variety of manual methods for data management and collation. As a result, labs often experience poor record keeping regarding the “who, what, when, where, and how” of[...]

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